Q. How can I place my orders?

Start by logging in our system two different way one of the globalmileage.com login information or another are gmileageshop registration email address. You should write your gmileage membership number or GmileageShop Registration email address. Once you are logged into our system, you can browse and select the product you wish to get and click on the “add to cart” button.
1) To confirm your cart and proceed to the checkout, you should tick the “I read, understand and accept the terms and conditions” part and approve the terms and conditions. Then please proceed.
2) Submit your address: If you have previously registered an address click the “Ship to this address” button. If you don’t have a registered address enter your address information under the “Enter new address”. Then please proceed.
3) You will see the total miles value of your shopping cart. When you proceed, the “Shipping address” page shall come in front of you. Once you confirm, your order will have been placed.

Please note that once your order is placed you are going to be given an order ID which will come on the page in front of you. Plus an e-mail that confirms the transaction has been completed with an order ID shall be sent to you. Any one of those missing means that you could not place your order successfully. In that case you can send us an e-mail (service@gmileageshop.com) and inquire the status of your order Order Placement in 3 hours on the Web site after add to cart.

Please note that you are allowed to remain on the www.gmileageshop.com web site and place your order not longer than 3 hours due to security issues. If you remain longer than 3 hours and still try to place an order, the order shall be unsuccessful. In that case you can send us an e-mail (service@gmileageshop.com) and inquire the status of your order.

Q. Is it possible to send a product to a different person / address?

Yes, you can ask your products for a different recipient / address. You must clearly write the requested recipient’s name and the address on the web site.

Q. What does the "The item is not published" warning stand for?

It stands for the fact that the item is not in the stocks at the very moment when you are trying to place your order. You can either go for a different item or try it again later.

Q. Why has my order been rejected?

Your order has been rejected due to lack of stocks for this item.

Q. How do I view what’s in my shopping cart?

You can view your shopping cart by clicking on the “My Order List” section on the top right corner of the page.

Q. How do I view my order history?

You can view your order history by clicking your ‘Gmileage Transaction’ on the top right corner of the homepage.

Q. How can I change my delivery address?

It is not possible to change your address once the order is placed so please pay special attention while submitting your address.

Q. Can I shop online from any country? Which countries do you deliver products?

GmileageShop Catalogue serves to Global Mileage residing in Bangladesh as well as many other countries all around the world. Please SELECT the relevant country upon entrance where you live and choose your products from within that country‘s product collection.



Q. Can I cancel an order that i have already placed on the web site?

You can NOT cancel an item if it has been ordered by you. In other words, participant’s remorse is not honored and no refund is possible.



Q. Is shipping cost included in the price ( Gmileage value of the product ) ?

Cargo courier delivery price is added at the final stage before you confirm your order.

Q. How long does it take to ship my order?

Your orders are generally shipped to you in 10 working days. .



Q. When can I receive my Gmileage back for my cancelled order?

Your Gmileage will be refunded back in your account in a few days upon cancellation.



Q. What is your returns policy?

Please see the Order Policies & Terms and Conditions.
Contact us ( Page ) : service@gmileageshop.com