About the catalog

Global Mileage Management Company is opening a new door where the members can redeem their Gmileage and get products on gmileageshop.com website. If you are not member of Globalmielage.com just follow simple step to sign up of gmileageshop.com & log in to gmileageshop of proceed to shopping. Some product could not be in our list due to cross border restriction. Best possible quality products to bring the most joyful shopping experience to you. Global Mileage Management Company offers members extensive opportunities to earn Gmileage by spending daily from a wide range of travel and lifestyle categories including Boarding Card, flights, hotels, dining and much more. You can shop anywhere anytime and have your items delivered to your doorstep. With the promise to deliver quality products, Gmileageshop offers an extensive product selection, ranging from cosmetics and fragrance to electronics and exclusive co-branded items.